nanoflight Movies:

  • What our plain eye-sight can`t resolve will become visible with nanoflight® SEM movies, showing your specimen in a new context, not only still images but an astonishing new world of structures, lighting and colours.
    Stefan Diller developed this nanoflight® technique during a three year long project. The nanoflight.creator software can be made available for SEMs and other types of microscope to be controlled remotely.

    Watch more nanoflight® movies at the Showreel page.

    For those of you technically interested: I am currently working with two different piezo stages to move the specimen. See the reference in the screen logo at the bottom of the nanoflights to find out which one is used in a specific sequence.

    Technical poster on the nanoflight® movies: please download this PDF
    How colors come into the movie (German language only): see this PDF



    nanoflight® got a custom designed eight axes fully encodered piezo stage from SmarAct GmbH. See this page:
    SmarAct GmbH

    nanoflight® had been invited to SCIFOO 2014 at the Googleplex, Mountainview, Ca. See this page:
    SCIFOO 2014

    nanoflight® received the "Technikpreis 2013" (Award for Technical Engineering) of the German Society of Electron Microscopy (DGE) at the bi-annual meeting at Regensburg, Germany in the last days of August 2013. See this page:
    MC 2013