„nanoflight®“ SEM movies are a revolutionary new way to visualize structures of the microworld, combining the particular way of aquiring coloured images in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) with the ability to move a virtual camera in eight degrees of freedom around the specimen. For high-end imaging and 3D work we now use a TESCAN MIRA3 Field-Emission SEM, a SmarAct 8 axes piezostage and a multi-detector setup made by Pointelectronic.

  • nanoflight® Movies

    Every researcher should be committed to share the aesthetic of the microworld with as many people as possible. Find out a new way...

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  • Nature

    Discover unseen worlds with the help of the scanning electron microscope and use color to make an impression on your customer...

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  • Material Science

    One of the short-listed finalists of the SONY World Photo Award 2008 in Scientific Photography, this image shows what you can find in tap-water...

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    Images of modern materials, like this Nickel metal foam, will help you get more customers stop at your exhibition booth...

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Shortly about me

In 1984 I made my first contact with electron microscopy and scientific photography. Whenever possible I exchanged my existing microscopes for better ones.
My first glance through my own scanning electron microscope will be unforgettable for me because it opened up a door to an unknown universe of yet unseen aesthetic structures, in their view awesome to behold.

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